Ethics And Policies

To ensure that clinical and medical journals aspire to select, through peer review, the highest quality science, Med Science Journal follows important ethical principles and decisions, which are seldom explicitly stated and even less often shared with the readership. Here we summarized the comprehensive policy on publication ethics, which addresses all the major areas of ethics we believe contemporary science journals should consider. Kindly read the ethics and policies before submission.

Policy For Authors

Submission to a Med Science journals is taken by the journal to mean that all the listed authors have agreed all of the contents, including the author list and author contributions statements. Before submission, the corresponding author ensures that all authors are included in the author list, its order has been agreed by all authors, and that all authors are aware that the paper was submitted. The corresponding author is solely responsible for communicating between the journal and all co-authors, during the manuscript submission, peer review, and publication process.

Authorship: Authorship needs to be justified by describing the role and contribution of each author on the title page of article as it implies responsibility and accountability for published work.

Authorship roles can vary upon significant intellectual contribution, responsibility and accountability for published work. So, authors sequence and correspondence should be determined by the participants early in the research process, to prevent disputes and misunderstandings.

When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his/her own published work, it is the author’s obligation to promptly notify the journal editor or publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or correct the paper. The journal will not necessarily correct errors after publication if they result from errors that were present on a proof that was not shown to co-authors before publication. The corresponding author is responsible for the accuracy of all content in the proof, in particular that names of co-authors are present and correctly spelled, and that addresses and affiliations are current.