Head of Immunology Research, Enterome, Paris, France,

Joao Gamelas Magalhaes, PhD currently serves as Head of Immunology Research at Enterome, Paris. He earned his PhD in Immunology from the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, for his work on host-pathogen interaction at the Institut Pasteur (2001-2006). He pursued postdoctoral studies at the University of Toronto,

Department of Immunology, Toronto, Canada delving into the role of NLR receptors on innate and adaptive immunity. Then, he joined the Institut Curie, Paris, France as senior scientist to explore immuno-oncology bridging fundamental immunology with therapeutic applications. In 2017, Joao transitioned to industry joining Horizon

Discovery in Cambridge, UK, where he applied his expertise in immuno-oncology to boost the company IO drug discovery efforts. He returned to Paris in 2018, to assume his current leadership role at Enterome, driving forward innovative immunotherapy research advancing new peptide-based immunotherapies from R&D into clinic. With a current focus
on translational system immunology, Joao brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge ranging from innate to adaptive immune responses applied to T cell-based therapies in cancer, allergies and auto-immune diseases.

  • Development of peptide-based immunotherapies to elicit precise and potent anti-tumor immunity.
  • Investigating the intricate relationship between the microbiome and immune responses to enhance the
    efficacy of cancer therapies. This includes delving into host-microbe interactions within the gastrointestinal
    tract to identify novel therapeutic avenues.
  • Focusing on the immunological mechanisms underlying food allergies to develop preventative and
    therapeutic interventions.
  • Utilizing the principles of synthetic biology to create innovative strategies for immune system modulation.
Dr. Nupur Nagarkatti

Dr. Nupur Nagarkatti

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine,
San Antonio, Texas , USA

Dr. Nupur Nagarkatti is a distinguished medical professional hailing from India, with a robust background in both clinical practice and groundbreaking research. As a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Yale, Dr. Nupur has been at the vanguard of oncology research, delving into the intricacies of both gynecologic and surgical oncology. Their work bridges the gap between basic science and translational research, reflecting a deep commitment to advancing the treatment of cancer.

Currently, Dr. Nupur Nagarkatti is channeling their expertise into clinical research, with a keen focus on leveraging machine learning models for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) analysis and neuroanalysis for research projects in the field of endocrinology. This innovative approach marks a significant step towards the integration of technology and medicine, a passion that Dr. Nupur intends to expand further.

With an eye on the future, Dr. Nupur envisions a synergy between the realms of surgery and machine learning. Their ultimate ambition is to spearhead the evolution of surgical procedures through increased automation, enhancing precision and patient outcomes.

As an aspirant for the Editor-in-Chief position at a leading journal in medicine and surgery, Dr. Nupur brings a visionary outlook combined with practical experience. Their ability to navigate and unify diverse fields—surgical expertise, oncological research, and computational models—positions them uniquely to lead and inspire the research community, fostering a multidisciplinary dialogue that propels medical science forward.

Translational and clinical research in the fields of oncology and immunology